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What are the requirements for a nurse to join Global Nurse Partners' Partnership Program?

To qualify for our program, international nurses must satisfy the following:

  • Two years (full-time) current acute-care experience in a hospital with 100 beds or more.
  • Minimum of one year working (full-time) in current clinical specialty
  • Graduated from a government-approved nursing education program with a BSN, preferably
  • Transcript of nursing education with a breakdown of hours to prove eligibility for US RN licensure and immigration
  • Active nursing registration in their country of current employment,
  • Commitment to the qualification process and a permanent staff position

Is an internationally educated nurse's professional education comparable to a US-educated nurse?

Every nurse presented to your facility for review will have completed CGFNS’ (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) Credentials Evaluation Service (CES). The service provides a Professional Report with a detailed analysis of the nurse’s credentials and comparability compared to US nursing education standards. Many US nursing boards require a CES Professional Report for RN licensure. And USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) requires it as part of the petition for a green card. Only nurses with a positive comparability report are eligible to proceed with our program.

Is proof of English language proficiency required for licensure and immigration?

Yes, both the licensure and immigration processes have an English language proficiency requirement. Internationally educated nurses must either pass an approved English language test (TOEFL or IELTS) or prove that their professional education satisfies the exemption rules.

How many years of experience do nurses in your program have?

Nurses in our program have at least five years of nursing experience before relocating to the US, but many have more. However, for your review, we only submit best-fit candidates based on your profile requirements.

Under the Partnership Program, who is the nurse's employer?

The healthcare facility is the employer, so the nurse is on your payroll from day one. And we support the employment relationship throughout the program term.

Are the nurses sponsored for a green card?

Yes, under our program, nurses and eligible family members are sponsored for an immigrant visa, also known as a green card. A green card holder is authorized to live and work permanently in the US as a lawful permanent resident (LPR). And in time, they become eligible to apply for citizenship through naturalization.

Does Global Nurse Partners manage the immigration process?

We have partnered with a nationally renowned immigration law firm to manage the immigration process on behalf of our partners—you, the nurses, and their families.

Does the nurse sign a contract with Global Nurse Partners?

Yes, nurses sign an agreement with us. The agreement outlines our service and guarantee, which supports our belief that the nurse must connect with your culture, and the opportunity must align with their values and career goals.

What support do you offer the nurse before arrival and during their employment with the healthcare facility?

With Global Nurse Partners, the nurse receives comprehensive support from recruitment to the end of their program term. We manage the licensure process, and our attorney manages the immigration process. We also provide acculturation and clinical education programs and help with relocation. Upon arrival in the US, we Meet & Greet the nurse at the airport and provide temporary housing. And during our dedicated Welcome Week, we assist with set up and take care of essential needs. And as the nurse works at your facility, we support their transition to ensure they, and their family members, fully adjust and feel content living in the US.

Does Global Nurse Partners provide housing?

Upon the nurse’s arrival in the US, we provide free temporary housing in a one-bedroom apartment. If the nurse is relocating with family members, we secure a larger home, but the difference in cost is the nurse’s responsibility. While in company-provided housing, the nurse can decide whether to extend the lease in their name or find a new home, and we assist with whichever option they choose.

What support do you offer the healthcare facility during the program term?

At Global Nurse Partners, we measure success by our partners’ success—the nurses and you. And we remain vigilant of the nurse’s needs pre- and post-arrival and throughout their program commitment. We provide a strong support structure for the nurses and your team and emphasize that nothing is too big or too small to discuss. We also give the nurse and family members tools and resources to manage culture shock and sociocultural adjustment challenges. We pay close attention to the nurse’s personal needs to ensure a smooth transition for them and their family so you can focus on their professional success. It’s no secret that happy, content employees are dedicated and contribute to a positive workplace environment. Together, in partnership, we work to achieve this.

What is VisaScreen Certificate?

VisaScreen is a professional credentials assessment service that is a federal screening requirement for healthcare professionals seeking a US employment-based visa. CGFNS International is an approved VisaScreen assessor. And as part of the certification process, they validate the nurse’s academic records (secondary school and professional education) and verify their nursing licenses (active and inactive, international and the US). They also ensure the English language proficiency examination requirement is satisfied. Upon a successful review of the nurse’s credentials, CGFNS issues a VisaScreen Certificate.

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